Innovative Home-Made Bird Feeder Ideas for Feathered Friends

Amidst the tranquil embrace of nature, a symphony of chirping fills the air as vibrant feathered friends flit about, adding charm and wonder to our surroundings, with a delightful journey into the world of creative bird feeders that beckon these enchanting creatures to our backyards.

Birdwatching is a captivating pastime, offering moments of serenity and joy as we witness the beauty of avian life up close. In this guide, we explore a collection of innovative homemade bird feeder ideas,  to entice a diverse array of feathered visitors to our outdoor sanctuaries.

These bird feeder projects combine the spirit of DIY craftiness with an appreciation for nature, catering to both the birds’ needs and our artistic inclinations. From recycled materials to nature-inspired designs, each idea embraces innovation and resourcefulness to create inviting feeding stations for our avian companions.

By offering a variety of feeder designs, we celebrate the diverse tastes and preferences of our feathered friends. Whether you’re keen on attracting small songbirds, colorful finches, or majestic woodpeckers, our innovative bird feeder ideas cater to the specific needs of each species.

Moreover, these bird feeder creations provide an opportunity for family-friendly crafts, where children and adults alike can bond over creating a welcoming space for wildlife. Through these engaging projects, we foster a sense of connection to nature and an understanding of the importance of caring for our winged neighbors.

Bird feeders are incredible in every sense of the word, they help you and obviously the birds. What makes them even more incredible is that you can pull out your creative side and build a bird feeder station by yourself. If you love DIY projects, then you should attempt building a bird feeder. Obviously, like all things, you can go out to some store and buy a bird feeder for the window or bird feeder stand or whatever suits your preference. But, there’s nothing like building something by yourself and watching it complement your room/house. There’s no limit to bird feeder homemade ideas and we’ve curated a list of innovative homemade bird feeder ideas. 

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Why Home-Made Bird Feeders are A Good Choice?

Let’s be honest, there’s enough pollution on the planet, if you can do your part by recycling or repurposing some items from your home then why not? You can show your artistic side and create a bird feeder for small birds or large birds out of nothing. 

If you don’t have the time and you choose to buy the Bird feeder station for different types of birds the overall costs can be huge. It’s better to take some time out of your busy schedule and consider making your own bird feeder instead. The DIY bird feeder stand and stations can give a fun twist to your garden and save you money. That’s not all, you can repurpose the stuff lying around your house to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Innovative Bird Feeder Homemade Ideas

Innovative Home-Made Bird Feeder Ideas for Feathered Friends-2

Different birds require different bird feeder stations and buying different ones is not an option. With our curated list of innovative bird feeder ideas, you can create a bird feeder pole and bird feeder squirrel-proof stations. 

  1. Half Cut Orange Bird Feeder

This homemade bird feeder is probably the easiest to make. You only require 3 ingredients to make this one and add an innovative twist to your yard. All you need to do is cut an orange in half, empty it up, fill it with bird feed, and hang it outside. You can also use the remaining half of the orange, simply hang the orange slices around the bird feeder to attract orioles and mockingbirds. You will need to replace everything that hasn’t been eaten in a week or two. 

  1. Boho Style DIY Bird Feeder

If you want your yard to have a vintage look, then you can create a Boho Style DIY Bird feeder station. Everything you need to build this can be found lying around the house, as it requires upcycled materials, and it’s nature friendly. 

You’ll need a middle hanging space for this type of bird feeder though. If you’re planning to create a bird feeder for the window, then you’ll need to keep looking for more ideas. But if you have a squirrel problem and you want a bird feeder squirrel-proof, then creating a Boho style Bird feeder can be the right decision.

  1. Tea Cup Bird FeederInnovative Home-Made Bird Feeder Ideas for Feathered Friends-3
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Who doesn’t love tea right? If your heart is set to build a DIY bird feeder station then there’s nothing more creative and artistic than a teacup bird feeder. The steps are simple, just glue the teacup and saucer and hang it. We’re pretty sure that you can find some old teacups and saucers you wish to say goodbye to. Once done, hang it anywhere you want and wait for pretty birds to come and eat bird seeds from it. 

  1. Lego Bird Feeders

If you have kids at home then they will love this idea. It’s a known fact that kids love Legos. Gather your kids for a time full of fun and creativity. Ensure that you leave open spaces for birds to feed through and you can build a Lego bird feeder in every possible shape. 

What makes it even better is that you can change the design every couple of weeks or even days. Let your and your kids’ creativity run free with a Lego bird feeder. Keep in mind that you can only place it on a stable surface. 

  1. License Plate Bird Feeder

Ever thought that your old, useless license plates could be used to create a bird feeder out of all things? Fold your license plate from a few places to give it the shape of a container, combine the edges with some wood and screws and you’ve got yourself a nifty little bird feeder that you can place anywhere. If you want you can paint the license plate, however, we’d suggest you keep it as it is to show off your creativity to those interested. 

  1. Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Milk cartons are a part of everyone’s life and instead of throwing them out, you can re-purpose them to build a creative bird feeder station. You can create a bird feeder for the window, bird feeder squirrel proof and milk cartons can be perfect as a bird feeder for small birds. The process of making the bird feeders is really simple, just cut out holes into the box, decorate it and hang it wherever you want it. You can even cover the feeder with patterned paper, or you can ask your kids to show off their creativity and paint on it. 

  1. Paper Plate Bird Feeder
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The name should make it clear enough for you, it’s a bird feeder made out of paper plates. If you’ve got leftover paper plates, instead of throwing them out, clean them, attach some hooks, and hang them in your yard or near your window as a bird feeder. 

Make sure the plates are stable enough and can support the weight of a few birds. Cleaning tons of birdseed can be a tricky thing if the plate falls off from the weight. 

  1. Wood Log Bird Feeder

Another simple yet creative DIY bird feeder idea for your yard. Use any of the wooden logs, attach a hook, and hang it from a tree or something else. Add holes in the log and fill it with bird fee, this will provide the birds with a real experience while eating. 

  1. Colorblock Bird Feeder

Clear mailing tubes can also be used as a bird feeder and plenty of households are using this creative method. They’re simple to make, and you can add an artistic twist to the bird feeder. Fix some hooks, leave some space open in the tubes for feeding, and hang it wherever you like. 

  1. Flowerpot Bird Feeder

Convert your old flower pot into a bird feeding station. If you love clay and making stuff by hand but you lack the time, then use an old flower pot, drill some holes, fill it with birdseed and use it as a bird feeder station. 

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