Stylish and Functional- Chicken Fence Ideas for Every Backyard Aesthetic

Keeping chickens has become a popular hobby for many people who love having fresh eggs, a sustainable food source, and a fun addition to their backyard. However, one of the biggest challenges of raising chickens is keeping them safe from predators while still allowing them to roam around freely. Enter the chicken fence – a stylish and functional solution that not only keeps your feathered friends safe but also adds a chic touch to your backyard aesthetic. From rustic wooden fences to sleek wire mesh designs, there are endless options to choose from. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most creative and eye-catching chicken fence ideas that will make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. So, whether you’re a seasoned chicken keeper or just starting out, get ready to be inspired by these stylish and practical chicken fence ideas!

It requires an equal amount of hard work and cares to raise either a human baby or an animal one. Raising and farming chickens is also a very hard task. There are many things you need to do but the most important step is to protect your little chicks from predators. Also, you need to make sure your little ones don’t fly away. You can achieve both of these things by using a chicken fence. So, here are some chicken fence ideas:

1. Standard Wire Fence Garden Tips - Chicken Fence Ideas - GardenHomeLife 1

This is the most common type of chicken fencing as it is easy to install and remove when necessary. These wires are welded together with a certain gap in between which is usually big enough to let snakes and other small predators get inside. 


  • Installation is easy
  • Strong because wires are welded
  • The gaps are not big enough for chickens to pass
  • Affordable 


  • Snakes and other small predators can pass through the gaps in between
  • The fence isn’t strong enough to withhold high force like that of a bear
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2. Tall Fence

If you’re chickens love to rise high in the air and fly out of your fence, then you should consider using a tall fence. Though it is more expensive than a standard fence, it is cost-effective and a good chicken fence.


  • Effectively prevents chickens from flying out
  • Cost-effective and not so expensive


  • Not the ideal fence for keeping predators out
  • It is more fragile than a standard fence (you can use both a tall fence and standard fence together to make the perfect fence)


3. Chicken Fence

When you know there are no predators on your farm and just want to keep the chicks from roaming here and there, you can use the good old chicken fence. 


  • Low-cost installation
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for keeping the chickens in


  • Can’t hold strong predators like a fierce dog


4. Wood Frame Fence Garden Tips - Chicken Fence Ideas - GardenHomeLife 2

No matter how good your fence is, if it’s sagging, there is a high chance that a strong predator might rip it off. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you can use a wood frame around any chicken fence you like.


  • Ensures there is no sagging
  • Increases the strength of overall fencing
  • Wood is easy to find and available in any size


  • Wood expenses might increase the cost
  • The installation process becomes longer


5. Rustic Fence

If you don’t like the idea of using wires, you can make your fence by only using wood and sticks. The result is a very strong structure that can withstand a large amount of force.


  • Very durable and strong
  • Can be made from natural items so you don’t have to buy
  • You can combine wires with it to increase the strength
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  • Takes a lot of effort and time
  • Usually hard to make or take apart


6. Fish Net Fence Garden Tips - Chicken Fence Ideas - GardenHomeLife 3

If a fish can’t pass through a fishing net, how can a chicken do it? It can’t. And therefore, making a chicken fence from a fishnet is a viable solution. It is also strong enough to sustain chicken attacks.


  • Easy installation and removal
  • Not requires heavy-lifting
  • A fishing net is easily available


  • Can’t sustain heavy forces like that of a big predator
  • Prone to sagging if not installed right


7. Pallet Fence

If you’ve got some pallets to spare, you can wake up the carpenter inside you and make a pallet fence. This kind of chicken fence is not only cheap but also the pallet wood is sturdy which makes the overall structure bold.


  • Pallets are easy to find and are cheap
  • The pallet fence is strong


  • Takes a lot of work


8. Electric Fence Garden Tips - Chicken Fence Ideas - GardenHomeLife 4

Only the name is enough to scare the hell out of anyone. Chicken fence electricity can be used to completely discourage any predator attacks as well as ensure the security of your cute little chicks. 


  • Chicken fence electric is the most durable
  • An electric fence can sustain any attack


  • Expensive than other methods
  • You need to be extra safe because electricity is fatal


9. Enclosed Fence

Okay, you’ve secured your coop from ground predators, but, what about the predators in the sky? These types of hunters can enter through the above because you haven’t closed that way! An enclosed fence will do the work here.


  • Safety from air-predators
  • Can be customized with wood and other kinds of wires
  • You can also make an enclosed chicken fence electric
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  • Building a fence is hard enough, building an enclosed one is harder


How To Make A Strong Chicken Fence? Garden Tips - Chicken Fence Ideas - GardenHomeLife 5

You already selected which kind of fence to use, or probably you’ve installed it too, but it didn’t work according to the expectations. Now, you want to make it stronger, and here is what you can do to make your chicken fence strong:

  1. Use wood frames to reduce sagging – Wood frames are great – they are strong and easily available. If you use them at corners and as a base to your fence structure, they can increase the strength of your chicken fence.
  2. Bury the fence into the ground – This one is probably a common solution, but still many people don’t do it. If you take the help of earth and bury your wood frame into the ground, it will have additional support and better resistance power.
  3. Maintain your fencing – Just like you need to care about your chickens, you need to maintain your fencing too. With time, your wire fence might rust or the chickens might cut the net fencing. In that case, you need to do repairs.
  4. Upgrade your fencing – Upgrading is your last resort, but it’s the best. Upgrading your fence would automatically give it better durability and strength. Though, it might not be pocket-friendly.


These were 9 chicken fence ideas and 4 tips on how to make a strong chicken fence. If you use these well, no one can ever harm your lovely chickens. And because your chickens would be happy, you’ll be happy too. So, for the sake of your happiness, make sure you use these tips and create the right chicken fence for your coop.

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