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Gardening is tedious and labour-intensive work, it requires tons of hard work and care. From planting the seeds to watering them to protecting them from pests – it takes a lot of effort. However, what many gardeners don’t realize is that pet chickens that live in the garden have excellent abilities that can decrease your side of the job. Instead of just telling you whether garden chickens are a good choice or not, we will tell you the pros and cons of having them and then you can decide for yourself!

Pros Of Having Garden Chickens As Pets

The advantages of having garden chickens are so great that they outshine the problems made by these animals. If properly planned, leaving your pet chickens in the garden can help you in the following ways:

1. Chickens Can Be Used As Tillers

There is one thing chickens do the best – trying to eat everything. So, why not let them do that? If you want to till your garden with reasonably short plants, you can deploy your flock in that place and let them do their work. On average, a single chicken can till 50 square feet of vegetation in 4-6 weeks, that is, if the plants in the vegetation are within the reach of your chicken’s beak. 

Chickens Can Be Used As Tillers

2. Chickens Can Be Used As A Source For Manure and Fertilizer

Chicken manure has a carbon-to-nitrogen ratio of 10:1. To compare this, good manure is supposed to have a ratio of 30:1. With the already available nitrogen compound, you only need to add carbon which is available in leaves and hay. Also, the same nitrogen can be used to fertilize the soil.


According to Ohio State University, a chicken can produce eight pounds of manure every month. And depending on the number of pet chickens you have, you can cut costs on your manure expenditure.

Manure and Fertilizer

3. Chickens Can Help You In Spreading Mulch

Chickens are good at spreading things as they can’t stay still. You can use that to your power and transform your pet chickens into mulch spreaders. All you need to do is stock the pile in the area where you want the mulch to spread and then leave your flock there to do the work. 

Spreading Mulch

4. Chickens Can Eat The Left-Overs And Save Garbage Disposal Bills

Chickens are omnivores and they can eat anything that we eat. So, rather than throwing your leftover food into the garbage and spending it at its disposal, you can use it as food for your flock. Not only can you save on garbage disposal, but if you look superficially, that leftover is turned into eggs and meat. If you use this technique, then you are saving with one hand and profiting with another!

5. Chickens Can Be Used For Pest Control

Insects and pests are the real danger of any plantation. Instead of using harmful and unhealthy pesticides to protect your plants, you can deploy your flock to complete the task. Your chickens will locate and grab any moving thing above the surface – be it beetles, grubs, or other insects that are potential threats to your garden. 

Again, you can save on pesticides and also chicken feeding as they will fill themselves with the threat of insects.

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Pest Control

Cons Of Having Garden Chickens As Pets

Let’s start with the cons so that you don’t underestimate or forget the bad things these pet chickens can do to your garden after reading their pros. Just like everything has two sides – one good and one bad, garden chicken too can cause a bad affect on your yard. These are the wrong things these little creatures can do:

  1. Your hens can eat newly sown seeds or pull them from the soil, therefore completely rupturing plant growth.
  2. Chickens can create a small dust tornado by moving rapidly on the ground. This can destroy the growing vegetation.
  3. They can also eat the leaves and fruits of your garden.
  4. A rooster can terrorize the chickens which will result in your flock running from here and there over your vegetation.

Precautions To Be Made While Using Garden Chickens

See how wonderful garden chickens can be! But still, we can’t turn a blind eye to the damage they can do to your farm. These are some precautions and tips you can use to prevent any destruction:

1. Use Fencing To Prevent Chickens From Roaming Around

The biggest problem poultry farmers face is that their flock often gets distracted from their assigned tasks and they start roaming in places you don’t want to be disturbed. To counter this problem, you should use fences in appropriate locations so that your chickens know their place and don’t cross the limits.


2. Don’t Allow Baby Chickens In Your Garden

If you don’t want your garden to become a place of heavenly cries and constant calling, you should keep baby chickens out of the garden. The reason is that these small creatures often get lost in the tall vegetation, and when they do, their parents start to call them, and then the whole flock gets enraged and might destroy your vegetation.


3. Plan Your Chicken Gardening According to Crop Timeline

There are times when you’re growing more than one plant in your garden, and in that case, the development period of each plant is different. So, when you think that it is the right time for pest control of a certain crop and leave your pet chickens to do the work, they might end up rooting off the tender and still-developing other crops. So, deliberately plan your chicken gardening timings and bear these things in mind.

4. Keep Brooding Hens Out Of The Garden

If you don’t want eggs all around your plants, you better keep brooding hens near their laying boxes. If a hen lays eggs in your garden, it will refuse to leave from there because of the natural feeling of parenthood and for the security of those eggs. This rebellion might delay your gardening process so watch out!


Yes, it is a great idea to use garden chickens as pets. There is no doubt about that. However, it is also a hassle at the same time and it will require labour and hard work to make sure your sweet dreams don’t turn into nightmares. Follow all the precautions listed above and make sure that you only profit from chicken gardening and no loss happens.

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