Household Water Usage and Saving Calculator

Did you ever wonder how much it cost to flush a toilet? Not this is a relevant question is today’s environment where inflation is rocket high and the cost of living is spiraling up day by day.
If your water connection is metered then it might be worth investigating a bit more into your water spending and how much it cost when you use water in everyday household chores. For example, did you know that around 120 toilet flushes will be equivalent to one cubic meter of water which is basically 1000 kg of water,  a 1000 KG of water, would be equivalent, in weight, to a small car. Another Example from everyday household chores is the use of, 13 baths would be equivalent to again 1000 kilograms of water which is basically a 1-meter cube. You must be wondering what the fuss is about 1 m cube? Well, basically this is the unit of Water the water company charges you on, 1 meter cube usage would cost around 3 to 3.5. That would include clean water supply and processing of sewage water as well. It is interesting to note that you are charged for water supply and processing of the same about of sewage water. That means that water supply and sewerage costs will go hand to hand.
With that basic information in mind, we have developed our simple calculator for you we should help you in understanding and estimating the everyday use of water, and April also certainly help you in saving the water and planning your activities in a better way. Please bear in mind that this is only an estimate but we believe that estimate will be fairly close to the reality. Obviously, the exact cost of your body uses depends on the supplier and the standing charges.
When you use this calculator bear in mind that most usage is in weeks but the use of toilet flushes is per day because we believe that toilet flashes constitute the major part of your water bill in terms of supply and sewage.

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Average Number of Toilet Flushes per Day
Average Number of Bath Taken Per Week
Average number of Showers Taken Per Week
Average number of Washing Loads done per Week
Average number of Dish Wash done per Week
Average Garden Hose usage - Minutes per Week
Average number of Large Garden Watering Can Used per Week
Total Cubic Meter
Standing Charges per Annum - £
Water Bill ( Clean Water +Sewage )

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