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Setting up the fence post in the garden can be the dream of the people who just got their new house but it is even exciting to the people who are setting it up by themselves without any professional help. If you are planning to set up the fence post in the garden and you are confused about how to set it up then check out the below step by step guide that will help you in setting up the fence post. Let’s dive in to learn these steps:

Garden Fence Post Guide 

1) Look For The Area:

Setting up the fence post isn’t as easy as we think, especially when we are in charge of setting it up, but remember when you are planning to set up a fence post you have to watch out for the area or ground you are planning to set it up in. If the ground is too hard you will have to do extra labour of digging up more than necessary, if the ground is too soft you have to bring in some extra layer of mud to make the ground solid enough to set up the fence post. So, what you can do is to look out for the ground that is not too hard nor too soft. Moreover, clean up the stones, debris or any unwanted things that come in the way of your digging the ground for the fence post. If you think that the ground has too many wildflowers that grow everywhere then let the flowers grow and think of setting up the fence somewhere where you don’t have to cut down the flowers.

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Look For The Area

2) Dig Up:

Setting up the fence post is something that requires a lot of labour when you do it yourself. But with the right methods and techniques, you can set up the fence post without any labour and smartly. After you are finished with checking up the area or ground, start digging up the hole with something that is pointed but not too much. Nowadays, there are many electric and non-electric equipment that are available in the market that will save up your labour of digging up the hole. You must remember one thing while digging up the hole for the fence post, that is when you are setting up fence post-metal then you can dig up the hole with the pointed end of a metallic fence post. So, you don’t have to depend on something else to dig up the hole. What’s more, is that you have dug up the exact measure of the hole so that it isn’t too big nor too small for a fence post.

dig up

3) Don’t Forget To Position:

Fence post wood is pretty strong so that once it is set up you can’t remove it. While you are planning to set up the fence post the third step is to position your fence post. This might look like a very small step but when you do it in reality you will know that checking up the ground and digging up the hole is important but both of the labour work goes in vain if you don’t set up the fence on the right position of the hole. You have to fit it in the centre (middle) of the hole without fail. When you are setting the fence post up you have to install it pretty firmly so even if someone touches it pretty firmly it remains firm. When the position of the fence post isn’t perfect you have to deal with other unwanted outcomes of setting up the fence. So, be careful to position the fence post perfectly in the middle of the hole.

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garden fence position

4) Use Concrete:

Whether it is house or fence post concrete makes everything fine. When you are setting up the fence post the fourth step is to make it firmly installed in the ground with the help of concrete. You don’t have to put lots of concrete around it. You just have to put it in the right amount after you position the fence post. When you are finished with positioning the fence post you fill the hole with mud and after that use concrete to make it stand firmly on the ground. As we all know fence posts are like the attention-grabbers of the garden, everyone who visits your garden will first touch it to see it so you have to make sure that it isn’t loose in the end or anything. Concrete can make even bricks stick together then it can definitely make fence posts installed in the ground firmly without any issues. Make sure nobody touches the area in which you applied the concrete for a few hours.

5) Finish Up Perfectly:

It doesn’t matter if your fence post is made of wood or metal, once you install it you will have to add finishing touches to it. If it is something that will be used on a permanent basis like putting flowers on it then you have to set it up pretty nicely. First finish it up by nails, glues and other things that make the fence post stick together. Colour it with some wood coloured paint or with the colour you like. Make it more pretty. After all, you have worked hard to set up the fence post. You should decorate it nicely so others who see it can know your hard work. Moreover, you choose to make the fence post look as you want. You can write and even draw some inspirational stuff so that people who pass by your fence post can get inspired by it. Don’t think the fence post is some small part of the garden. It is the most important part of the garden.

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Finish Up Perfectly


These are some steps to keep in mind while you are setting up the fence post. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or unprofessional fence post setter, once you learn about setting it up step by step then this will be just like a piece of cake for you whenever you try it.

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