Decoration Ideas for Living Room: [2022]

Home is the place where you reside; it seems like a paradise to you. So, how about decorating heaven in its full glory? If yes, then start with your living room first! The living room is the most utilized section of your house.

Prominently, apart from your dining table meeting, your living room is the place where the family comes together on a hygge Sunday evening. Also, the living room is commonly the place where your guests will be seated and served. Therefore, their eyes are bound to go to the living room wallpaper, decorations, and place.

Decorating your house according to your desires somehow depicts your persona. Want your guests to see your inner charm? You are at the right place! Today we have brought some awe-instilling living room decoration ideas to help you knock everyone down with the feather of your creativity!

Best Living Room Decoration Ideas

Prior to beginning the living room decorations, it is essential to define your budget criteria to afford, brainstorm some living room festooning ideas, and contemplate the predicted overall outlook to present.

Choose whether you wish the living room to display your boisterous nature or keep an elegant presentation. Follow the given steps as listed below:

Assign A Living Room Wallpaper

Let your living room breathe its own colors now.

After deciding whether you need a bold display or a softer, elegant look, choose the patterns and colors for the living room wallpaper accordingly. If you choose the first option, the colors displayed should have a predominant arena of red.

For the second option, it would be better to keep everything as balanced as possible. Opt for neutral or lighter colors instead of loud ones. Take up those patterns that are conventionally accepted and make me look presentable. These are mostly the easy ones with less detailed patterns to promote a simplistic household.

living room wallpaper

Festoon The Living Room Lighting

Lighting the room is the most exciting part of all. You have several options to choose from while doing so. You may get the permanent option of false ceilings with LED lights. Or, you can hang some chandeliers in the center of the living room with a magnificent design as per your wish.

Then, even go for an alternative lighting option where string lights are used. Whenever the main light of the living room is not required, the string lighting will provide a calm and soothing atmosphere. It has been mostly seen in patterns of being roped around other items or being inside transparent objects like glass bottles.

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You may also place a lamp instead of that.

Living Room Lighting

Furniture Selection for Living Room

If you are selecting furniture, regardless of new ones or second ones, the only way you can master this art is by understanding the structure of your living room. For mostly straight or linearly-shaped living rooms, a normal large-scale setting is like a silent node of certification.

But for a curved room, the normal straight furniture will look. Therefore, buy a sofa and couches that are curved at the ends too. Another thing unable to a mask is that such room conditions will continue.

PS. If you do not already know, you can even create an illusion by playing with the space of the living room as well as the type of furniture selected.

living room furniture

Placing Furniture with Living Room Wallpaper

Now, proceed to decide how to place the furniture in the living room by complying with these norms:

  • It should make the room look spacious
  • The view should draw attention for its impeccable rhythmic placement

Your furniture placement now again depends upon a few things: the quantity of furniture, size of the furniture, and size of your room. For spacious living rooms, big sofas and couches will not be a problem along with long tables.

However, for small living rooms, the furniture should be less. Instead of going for extravagant spendings, why not make use of the apartment provided by the person who had some underlying current that had wanted itself to be hidden.

Living Room Wallpaper

Contrasting for Bright Living Room Lighting

Besides living room wallpapers and living room lighting, focus the segments of promoting a clearer picture as much as possible.

After deciding the background color as well as the theme of placement of the furniture in the living room, look for contrasting colors to suit the upholstery presented on comfy couches. Adding other elements like ornamental plants can also work to upgrade the overall look.

You can decide the contrasting colors based on the color wheel. Any color you choose, opt for the right opposite color as its contrast.

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Curtains and Drapes to Decorate

The elegance of a living room can only be depicted when it is adorned with curtains and draperies of the right shades. The curtains should match the contrasting colors and seem separated from the background. Or, you can provide an entirely third-element color that can act as a transition between the wall decor and the furniture.

Do not go for the flimsy drapes and the see-through ones. Opaque drapes with concrete pattern designs are preferred.

Strangely, there is one trick to use. Instead of going disorderly, if you place the furniture in a symmetrical manner, the transitioning effect and contrast will surface miraculously.

living room curtains

Placing Certain Items

Apart from these basic items required to make a home feel home, do bring forth some attractive pieces of print, art, or any photograph. A set of photographs also works. While doing the symmetrical placing, putting these items in the middle while each side mirrors the other seems like an artistic success.

The best view would be the hearth colliding in between two couches facing each other while a center table runs long. A vase or bowl of water with floating artificial flowers is kept on the table.

If you do not favor symmetrical settings, seek the furniture placements. And individually see which kind of background picture suits the persona of the sofa. The settings for each can be different and to avoid clashing of background as well as colors, keenly observe to ultimately synchronize them all.

Placing Certain Items

Prioritizing the Sunlight

Be it from the verandah of the ground floor or balcony of 11th, the sunlight and the view from this point has never been the sour eye in the menu metrics. The heartiest glow of sunshine is revered by everyone.

Whenever the natural light shall fall, the entire room surrounding will change. The brightness and warmth of the sun are one of the major factors. That is why, whether choosing or not to pay attention to sunlight, the ambiance of the room changes.

Paired with the color combinations, the look will be ethereal as perceived. The living room seems best on the top floor with either wide windows or a balcony. You can also use curtains with patterns that can keep pace with the transition well.

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Living Room Sunlight

No Bare Ceilings or Walls

When the entire living room is being donned, how can the ceilings and walls be spared that easily? There are several now to fit certain wall decor materials. You can choose the rusted brick wall decors, a wallpaper with floral designs, or showcasing nature.

For living room lighting, the ceilings should have a certain source of LED lines. It can either be directly attached in strips or be placed separately.

No Bare Ceilings or Walls

Welcome the Colour Outbursts

While it is true that the main focus of the living room should not be unsettled from its position of perfect color correction and matching, it is absolutely normal to experiment with a burst of various colors. Sometimes these sudden color pops depict an unfathomable spontaneity and vibrancy.

However, see to it that even the color pops should be balanced by keeping the number of light colors and the dark contrasting ones utilized nearly the same. Too many dark colors like deep blue and crimson red can make it daunting. So, add yellow to make a balance.

Welcome the Colour Outbursts

Heaps of Hygge

A cozy afternoon and a soft place to roll up for snuggling is the reverie of many. As several houses have their mantlepieces in the hall and even rendezvous with people also reach the same destination, gearing the living room for kvelling into a comfortable rest has become a requirement.

Choose the sofas and furniture that are soft yet firm. Add extra layers of cushions and if winter has arrived, extend more rugs. Also, if you have the habit of falling asleep on the sofa itself, buying a dewans sofa cum bed can help you. Now, you do not have to leave a comfortable blanket in your living room whenever you wish to.

living room sofa


For your living room decorations, you may or may not look for a professional to help. However, for creating the right budget, if you happen to do some renovation installations, you might need someone to brief you regarding the same.

So, these were some of the best living room decoration ideas paired with unconventional living room wallpaper and living room lighting. The ideas put forth here indulge in both budget-friendly and expensive encounters.

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