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In recent times there are many people who are in love with having their own plant space, especially after the pandemic times it has become a hobby to make greenhouses near houses or in some empty space or land. There are many ways to construct greenhouses like with glass, wood, plastic etc. At the end of the day, you have to choose what is better for plants and make a suitable atmosphere for plants. Currently, there are many areas that are specifically reserved for greenhouses. So, if you are planning to make one of your own then below are some ideas for greenhouses:

1) Metal Frame Greenhouses: Garden Greenhouse Selection and Ideas 1

If you are planning to construct a greenhouse that is durable to any extremities then you can opt for a metal-framed greenhouse. You don’t need to make a whole greenhouse with metal but you can use metal frame/pipes as a pillar of the roof and walls of the greenhouse. You can make greenhouses glass, greenhouses polycarbonate/plastic, greenhouses wooden and in many other styles and types. Using metal as a pillar will protect greenhouses in winter, monsoon as well as in summer. As we all know the temperature of the greenhouse should be made normal, not too cold and not too hot. So, metal will help in maintaining the temperature of the greenhouses and plants inside them. 

2) Lean Greenhouses: Garden Greenhouse Selection and Ideas 1

When you hear about the lean greenhouses you might start wondering what exactly it is. So, to clear up the air, lean greenhouses are made with the support of the wall. If you are planning to make greenhouses inside your home then lean greenhouses are the best option for you. You can make a wall as a support system for greenhouses. You can also use an empty corridor somewhere to turn it into greenhouses. If you are using an empty corridor then you have to only focus on sheeting the roof or front/backside of the greenhouses. You can select sheeting material like metallic, plastic or wooden. This will also keep greenhouses in winter safe from freezing off.

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3) Gothic Style: Garden Greenhouse Selection and Ideas 1

If you are one of those people who loves Gothic structures and styles then you can also construct Gothic-styled greenhouses. It will look pointed from the upper side and shaped like a cone. The reason why Gothic-styled greenhouses are famous is because of their style and uniqueness. You can choose any material to construct these Gothic-styled greenhouses. Whether it is plastic, wood or metallic it doesn’t matter if you know how to shape it in Gothic style. You can use a metal frame or wooden frame as support and tie it together like a Gothic structure. This will also protect greenhouses in winter because of their structure and which in turn will make your greenhouses more resistant.

4) Wooden Style: Garden Greenhouse Selection and Ideas 1

As we all know wood is the best equipment to construct anything. Whether it is housing or starting a bonfire, wood can make everything easy. So, to make greenhouses you can take help from the woods too. There are many types of greenhouses that are constructed with various materials but if you construct greenhouses with wood then there are many benefits of it like greenhouses won’t face any issues or damage while it is heavy rainfall or storm, wood is also a good conductor of electricity so you won’t face any electricity-related issues in greenhouses made with wood and it will also keep the temperature of greenhouses in winter as the too cold temperature can damage the plants.

5) Glass Roof:

Greenhouses can be the place where you feel at peace because of the peaceful atmosphere inside. But did you know that you can use glass to make your greenhouses look luxurious and calmer? Greenhouse glass can also be beneficial for plants as it will allow natural sunlight to enter inside the greenhouse. Besides plants can get the natural air as glass is only a protective roof that keeps plants from damage. You can also cover these glass made greenhouses with sheets of green carpet to shield the plants from too much heat when the temperature goes high. Glass made greenhouses are the best option if you like everyone to see your greenhouses from outside.

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6) Plastic Made: Garden Greenhouse Selection and Ideas 1

As we all know plastic is resistant to any type of weather. You can choose to make greenhouses with plastic too. If you want to construct strongly you can tie it on a wooden frame or any other metallic frame that keeps the plastic firm. There are many types of plastic you can opt for like greenhouses polycarbonate made or thermoplastic, polythene, HDPE etc. The benefit of greenhouses made with plastic is that it protects greenhouses in winter from strong wind or snow. Besides, it is also water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about the greenhouse even in the monsoon. So, making greenhouses with plastic isn’t a bad idea as it will keep the plants safe.

7) Green Carpet Roof:

You might have heard about the green carpet that is used in summer for cooling the temperature of the room/place. You can make greenhouses with that green carpet too. Moreover, you can select the length of the carpet as per your preference and the size of greenhouses that you want. You can put a metal sheet above that green carpet so that on rainy days it doesn’t get wet. What’s more, is that it will protect greenhouses in winter too. You might be thinking, how? Well, green carpet isn’t only for cooling the temperature of the room but it is also used for maintaining and balancing the temperature as per requirement.  Besides adding a roof/support above the green carpet will also help in maintaining the temperature suitable for the plants.

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These are some ideas that will help you in making better greenhouses. You can make greenhouses with different materials as per your preference but you must remember to construct them according to the land and space available for them.

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