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insect bites and home treatment
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Insect Bites Remedies – How To Treat Insect Bites Naturally – Gardenhomelife4u

Insect bites are extremely painful and irritating. They can also cause swelling and itching, which makes it difficult to sleep at night. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that will help alleviate these symptoms. Honey – This is one of the best insect bite treatments available. Simply apply honey directly to the affected area. Leave it … Read more


How to set up an Attractive Garden Play Area? – GardenHomeLife

According to research, active play is not only pleasant, but it is also vital for children to be physically fit and healthy. Children learn reflexes and movement control while playing and gross motor skills, flexibility, and balancing abilities. Physical activity helps children create more substantial muscles, improve bone density, improve heart and lung function, and … Read more


How to Choose Pressure Washer for Patios and Driveways? – GardenHomeLife

Beautiful patios and driveways remain beautiful, well, until they turn ugly. And, they turn ugly because of mud, excessive dirt or something else getting spilt. Scrubbing your patios and driveways to clean them – it’s possible – but it’s tedious and unnecessary. A better option would be to use Pressure Washers to clean patios and … Read more


How to Select a Proper Hedge Trimmer For your Garden? – GardenHomeLife

Hedge trimmers will prove to be a valuable investment for your garden. There are plenty of ways you can take care of your garden by using pruning tools like gardening shears, loppers, gardening scissors, hedge cutters, hedge trimmers, etc. While working with gardening shears, loppers, and the like, the pruning process takes a considerable amount … Read more


Garden Tips- How To Repair And Maintain Garden Decking- 2021

Who doesn’t like their bright, shiny, and sun-kissed garden decks? They not only become the cool place to admire your handy work and hang out with your friends and family but also become the center of attraction because mostly everyone organizes their garden according to their garden deck placement. Although, we all know garden decking … Read more


Garden Tips – What are the Best Hedging and Screening Plants – 2022

Plants have traditionally been utilized to provide garden hedging and screening to cover, provide security, block off unpleasant views, establish borders, and divide areas.  When used for garden screening, garden hedging, or as a partition/border, hedges can be much more attractive and softer than fencing and also more durable. They will, however, take up more … Read more



Some Interesting Starter Ideas: We’re going to describe some of the basic ideas to give you some thoughts on applications that you may implement in your back or front yard. 1. Exploring the straight lines. Straight Lines with pebbles and rocks within the bordered area and beautiful springtime flower plants line up straight as well to … Read more